Garden design with a difference

We love flowers, so our garden design plans are full of colour and fragrance. We love wildlife, and create gardens that are buzzing with bees and home to birds. We work with nature, and believe in low-tech eco-friendly gardening.

Our natural garden landscaping is all about creating beautiful low-maintenance gardens that are an oasis for you, and a haven for nature.

If you’re looking for…

an affordable garden designer

some new garden design ideas

help with garden planning

a garden makeover

more wildlife friendly gardening

… you’ve come to the right place!



Initial no-obligation consultation Free
Garden assessment
Sourcing and costing plants
Garden preparation, planting, and aftercare
£15 per hour
Design From £15 per square metre, depending on complexity

NB: Assessment includes measuring, soil testing and photographing; recording sightlines, sun, shade etc; noting opportunities and constraints. Design includes plant research and selection, producing a layout plan, and creating planting mockups in Photoshop. Travel time or costs may be added for non-local jobs.


Garden design planning

Planning a garden means your garden can look good all year round. We design planting schemes for all seasons that make best use of your space. We’ll look at what sort of plants will work best in each area of the garden, and create a planting design based on your space, budget and your tastes. Whether you’re looking to revive a tired border, fill an awkward space, or want a whole-garden makeover, a garden design plan makes all the difference. If you’d like some planting ideas to help you decide, have a look in the garden ideas section!


Wildlife friendly gardens

Wildlife friendly gardening is what Lovely Gardens is all about. Gardens are for cultivating life, so we don’t use pesticides or weed killers. We don’t believe that toxic chemicals are necessary for a garden to look good; for us a beautiful garden is one that’s full of life, not artificially flawless. We work with the garden’s own ecosystem, enhancing it wherever possible, to create a natural haven. Wildlife gardening takes a little time but seeing your garden teeming with birds, bees and butterflies is well worth it!I See our wildlife garden design ideas


Eco-friendly gardens

We favour low-tech gardening, so we work by hand wherever possible. We avoid leaf blowers, chainsaws, hedge cutters and other unnecessary power tools so we don’t disturb the vital habitats a garden provides. (Your neighbours might also appreciate our quiet working!) We’re keen to help clients with green gardening too, so we can advise on things like composting and water saving for an even more eco-friendly garden. See our eco friendly garden design ideas


Gardens for all seasons

Your garden looks great in May/June, but by the end of summer it’s got a bit tired, and the rest of the year there’s not much going on at all – right? Our all year round garden designs provide interest through all the seasons: spring bulbs, summer borders, autumn colour and winter garden plants. We think of it as ‘floral fireworks’ with plants bursting into colour like a firework display from the beginning of the year to the end. This gives garden wildlife a rich supply of food and shelter all year round too. See our all year round garden design ideas


Low maintenance gardens

Garden planning can save you time and money. We design low-maintenance gardens, so you can enjoy relaxing outdoors without extra garden chores to tackle. We use unfussy plants that need minimal care, and we take care of ordering and planting in (we can also provide ongoing maintenance). Low maintenance garden design means you don’t have to spend your weekends wandering round the garden centre and labouring in the garden. See our low maintenance garden design ideas


Affordable gardens

Do you cringe to think of how much money you’ve spent on garden plants that didn’t survive…? A planting plan will improve the survival rate dramatically, and simple garden design plans are often the best. We use affordable cost-effective reliable plants. Our simple garden designs make maximum use of perennials, bulbs and hardy plants, which give pleasure year after year. We have great budget gardening ideas to provide instant impact and long-term satisfaction. See our budget garden design ideas


NB: We don’t offer hard landscaping services such as installing decking, paving, lighting or patios. We don’t undertake turfing or tree surgery, or building work eg walls or steps.